Museo Soumaya
Border City

Reforma Tower

Mexico City

Reflecting the site’s unique diamond-shaped geometry, Puerta Reforma Tower is a 65-story 170,000 m2 skyscraper intended to act as a landmark in the business area of Mexico City. As the tallest tower in the city, the structure initiates a dialogue between the neighboring Chapultepec Park and the surrounding urban fabric as a marker for the starting point of the most important avenue: Paseo de la Reforma. Each of the tower’s 3 zones serves a specific programmatic and economic purpose and is evidenced in the façade with a framework that comes together and pulls apart at each inflection point. The lower volume at the base of the tower houses 3 levels of commercial space and Mexico City’s first Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Plans for the 40,000 square foot Waldorf Astoria include 200-250 rooms, three ballrooms with a capacity of 600 people each for formal seated events, flexible conferencing spaces, a five- star restaurant as well as a cafe, a luxury spa, indoor pool, and fitness center.
144607 m2 /
1,556,535 ft2
Team and Collaborations
Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos, Salvador López Polo, Alan Parra, Zuzanna Walczak, Victor Hugo Mendoza, Argentina Sotelo, Samantha Salgado, Karla Jazmín Gutierrez, Erick López, Marina Edurne Morales, Octavio Moreno, Brenda Muñiz, Alma Delia Nazario, Sergio Rebelo, Unai Artetxe, Joao Urbano, Lucas Velle, Celia Julve, Nicolle Hazard, Xiang Ao, Pierre Tairouz, Hangning Zhou, Nicholas Dolan, Daniela Gallo, Moss Owen Palmer, Marta Rodrigues.

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