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Bridging Museum

Prospect Pier


Since it’s opening in 1973, the Inverted Pyramid has been the symbol of St. Petersburg’s intricate relationship with its waterfront. It was a statement of visionary architecture that explored the possibilities of the technology of its time. Functionally the unique shape offered shade below while placing the most important programmatic areas on top providing spectacular views of Tampa Bay and the city skyline. Still today, when seen from land, the pyramid is a landmark on the horizon. The Pyramid is an unquestionable part of St. Pete as a memory and experience and has been the setting for many memories of the city’s inhabitants. Functionally, the rejuvenated Pier is a stage hosting activities for all St. Pete’s generations. Prospect Pier will become part of the continuous evolving history of the city and relationship with the bay. Visually, our design distills the pyramid into its most pure and timeless shape. The pyramid physically and symbolically connects three public spaces representing city, sea and sky. From the city’s downtown heart, visitors will walk over a new, slimmer bridge emphasizing the over water experience. This path will extend up through the building via a grand naturally ventilated stairway that leads to the roof. A large, landscaped roof terrace slopes to provide dramatic views back to the city. Inside, the building’s leasable space has been reduced but made more flexible. The top floor will provide restaurants and outdoor areas for entertainment and contemplation. Acting like a canopy, the building will shade wide landscaped steps around the building. These steps will facilitate both spontaneous gatherings and programmed activities supported by small retail spaces.
6912 m2 /
74,400 ft2
City of St. Petersburg Florida
Team and Collaborations
Fernando Romero, Sergio Rebelo, Yuri Jeong, Celia Julve, Francisco Rocha, Alex Zee, Qingyi Chen, Joao Urbano, Feifei Song, Wen Zhu, Jessica Wang, Unai Artetxe, Sunny Wang, Natalia Valencia, Daniela Gallo, Fatimah Azzahra, Christopher Shelley

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