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Mexloop Hyperloop One Mexico Corridor


The FR-EE-led Mexloop Consortium's winning corridor for the Hyperloop One Global Challenge provides an in-depth look at the potentials of developing a groundbreaking new transport system with state-of-the-art intermodal hubs and transit oriented development across central Mexico. Linking the country’s major population, cultural, industrial, and manufacturing centers, the proposal harnesses over 30% of its population and nearly 40% of its GDP, connecting Mexico City—the capital and most populous city—with the El Bajio cities of Queretaro, Leon and Guadalajara into a new ‘Megalopolis’ and reinforces its status as Mexico’s fastest growing and one of the most dynamic regions in Latin America. The proposal takes an approach to locating stations and leveraging development to further diversify and strengthen its array of manufacturing and technology industries, reinforce its network of top universities and R&D centers, and create radically new opportunities for people to live, work, and be anywhere, in minutes.
352000 m2 /
1742000 ft2
Hyperloop One
Team and Collaborations
Fernando Romero, Sergio Rebelo, Nicholas Dolan, Moss Owen Palmer, Francisco Rocha, Daniela Gallo, Jessica Wang, Unai Artetxe, Pedro Ramírez, Gaia Cella, Santiago Sierra, Alexandra Lukyanova, Libia Castilla, Hugo Vela, Susana Hernández, Liza Bandala, Óscar Caballero, Daniel Pineda, Adriana Merchant, Ana Sofía Vieira, Mariana Aizpuru, Luis Antonio López, Baris Wenzel, Pablo Morales, Rigel Dávila, Marianne Mena, Diana Muñoz, Samantha Salgado, Abdur Chatni, Lujac Desautel, Juan Octavio Ferreyra, Nicolle Hazard, Celia Julve.

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