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Burning Man Temple

Black Rock City

Radiolaria are microscopic uni-cellular organisms that form colonies of thousands of individuals, marine creatures that have lived on earth for 259 million years. Burning Man is an annual event at Black Rock City, a temporary city built in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, US. This site used to be part of one of the largest lakes in America 12,700 years ago. If we looked deep in the sub-soil of the lake, we would be able to find fossils of these highly structured and beautiful creatures even today. Radiolaria, our temple proposal, is a celebration of the first living structures on the site. It’s a reminder of how ephemeral our existence and passage through the earth / life is. The temple offers us the opportunity to connect with our roots and our ancestral energy. Unlike most of the temples that connect us to the cosmos, ours also reminds us of the importance of our connections with the earth, with the life that once lived in this place, with our past.
1590 m2 /
17114 ft2
Team and Collaborations
Fernando Romero, Romain Thijsen, Luis Antonio López Montiel, Sophie Franquebalme, Alan Rodríguez Carrillo, Santiago Andres David Guzmán, Alejandro Hernández Morales, Federico Serna Giraldo, Libia Castilla, Adriana Merchant

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