Shenzhen Technology Center

Burning Man Temple

Black Rock City

The holon temple proposal by FR-EE and planet collective expresses influence from the ancient greek ‘holon’— a word which describes an object both complete unto itself and an integral part of a larger system. guided by this concept, together with the principles of burning man, the temple takes the form of an oblong wooden ellipsoid housing a smaller version of itself that serves as an altar. the altar itself contains an even smaller replica, creating a nested system of objects that invites contemplation and embodies the idea of a holon To achieve the holon temple’s distinctive geometry, FR-EE conceives a system of wooden trusses which sculpturally bow outwards. these timber elements are braced by thirty-four circular horizontal members, each a symbolic representation of each year of burning man’s existence. the trusses culminate in the compression ring member number 35 — representing the festival’s 2020 edition — which opens to the sky to let in natural sunlight. recalling the oculus of the pantheon, the crowning compression ring incorporates millennia-old traditions of religious and spiritual architecture into the design of this contemporary temple.
1450 m2 /
15614.50 ft2
Team and Collaborations
Fernando Romero, Romain Thijsen, Liliana Viveros, Hugo Vela, Daniela Gallo, Nicholas Dolan, Jean-François Goyette, Germán Sandoval, Pablo Morales, Alejandro Hernández, Federico Serna, Libia Castilla, Adriana Merchant, Pierre Tairouz, Oscar Caballero, Ariadna Chavarria, Aldo Domínguez, José Manuel Soto, Aníbal Cárdenas, Edson Rodríguez, Armando Montiel, Jessica Valdés, Pamela Hernández, Eduardo Hernández.

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